Update! New Home…

WordPress has been so good to me and I can’t be more thankful to my 126 readers!!

However, I had been wanting to improve designs and add some new content to my blog besides my works in progress therefore, I’ve moved. Yes! Jar of Blues Blog is now on lovely SquareSpace with new art and new content!! 

I will, though, keep this website open and won’t delete it as past blogs i’ve owned but I won’t be publishing here anymore. 

So come by and say hi on my new website! You can subscribe to my mailing list or through Bloglovin’ to keep up with my posts.

I hope you all join me in my new home!! jarofblues.com

Thank you so much for all the support you’ve given me.


Sandy Q.


5 Ideas to Celebrate Beltane.

On May 1st, the celebration of Beltane brings the world alive in color, sensuality and magic.

Beltane is the fire festival of life, new beginnings and fertility.

Beltane stands for “Fire of Bel”; Belinos being the sun god, and is the arrival of summer and the date to honor life. It’s the time when the sun is fully released from the cold winter and its rays are able to freely expand and warm Earth.

Beltane is also the celebration of nature’s oldest love story. According to ancient folklore, the marriage of the god and goddess faced adversity by being separated all winter long but on Beltane they would be reunited once again and the world would acknowledge their eternal embrace with food, fire and may-pole dances.

Here are 5 ideas you could do to make your own magical Beltane celebration this May 1st:


1.       Have a bonfire!

Invite your friends, meet at the beach or your backyard and build a bonfire with 9 pieces of wood. Talk, sing, laugh, dance around it, and roast Marshmallows. This is a great opportunity to call the good vibes and share them with others.


2.       Have a bath before the sunrise.

Water is an important association with Beltane. Water is refreshing, rejuvenating and imperative to life. It is believed that if you bathe on Beltane morning, your beauty will flourish throughout the year. So go ahead, set the alarm at 4am, put two drops of rose essential oils in your bathtub and enjoy serenity.


3.       Watch the sunrise.

Since you’re already awake and super vitalized after that joyful bath you took, pack a blanket and some snacks and head out before dawn to a hill with an unobstructed view and appreciate the beauty of the sun while it peaks over the horizon.


4.       Go for a hike barefoot in the forest.

Listen to the world around you, look how the world has changed, connect with the nature beneath your feet, give thanks to the universe for this new season of opportunities and charge energy to set new goals and new adventures.


5.       Have your own fertility ritual.

This could be planting a tree in your backyard or decorating your house with flowers; or with your partner, acknowledging each other’s presence and having some time for intimacy; or reuniting with friends and family to share what they want to grow in the new season such as love, a better job, more patience, anything counts.

First Blogoversary!


Today, my lovelies, is the first anniversary of my blog.
By this time a year ago, I was afraid of creating this space that I though once more (I had had 3 blogs already) would be a failure. However, for the first time I can say I’ve made it to a year. A whole year of learning, expiriences, growth and evolution.
I am very happy I’ve been able to enjoy this journey next to this other 124 wonderful human beings.
With you guys, I’ve shared part of my creativity, moments of my life and myself and I’m very thankful for letting me in in your lives to the point I’ve become friends with some of you and that perhaps, is my biggest accomplishment.
Thank you so much, for reading Jar Of Blues and sharing with me, your work as well, thank you for still being there and hope we can have way more adventures in this new phase tag I begin.
Tons tons of love,
Sandy Q.