365 Challenge: One Drawing Per Day.

Last year I saw the progress of Illustrations365 where she would post on her blog one illustration per day during 365 days, a year!! One I saw her final video I was completely astonished and thought I might do it too one of these days. Since I’ve seen on my dashboard some other bloggers like Kev Brett and Winter Foxes doing some thing similar I’ve finally decided to join them in this adventure and do my 365 drawings and learn from this experience. I’m really excited about it and I promised myself to be very disciplined with it, so even if I don’t post punctually some of the paintings I do during the week, at least you’ll get to see one daily drawing that I hope will give a smile or transmit yo some emotion.

Happy drawing, lovely people.



4 thoughts on “365 Challenge: One Drawing Per Day.

  1. Thank you for mentioning me! I love that you are doing this and really look forward to seeing what comes of it for you. Just over the last month of doing this for me has changed a lot in my perspective on so many different things. I hope to have someone to talk to through this process! Good Luck!

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